Sunday, February 16, 2014

#52 Ancestors - Week #6 - Ernest Folscher

The rest of the posts I am doing are of people whom I may not have all the information for. As I obtain more information I will update them.

Ernest Folscher born . between 1877 and 1879 in Germany to Andrew and Henrietta Folscher.(source:Virginia Select Marriages, 1785-1940)  Immigrated to the United States in 1900 (source 1910 United States Census). He was a fisherman by trade and spent a lot of time at sea. He married Elizabeth Elsie Clause in 1903 (source 1910 United States Census) in King William, Virginia (source:Virginia Select Marriages, 1785-1940). They had five children, four girls, Elsie, Emma, Meta, Mary and one boy, Fred.  With Ernest traveling so much, it has been difficult to track him appropriately. I have him entering the U.S. via Canada in 1912, hitting the shore of California in 1906, and 1908. I was recently informed by a distant cousin that he died at sea, leaving the family with no father, causing his children to be adopted out.

Here is unverified information found... I am pretty sure Ernest was Ernest Folscher. I was informed* not officially* he was born 17 Jul 1879 in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. I have him dying on a German u-boat 7 Oct 1917 in Terschelling, Friesland, Netherlands.

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