Saturday, January 25, 2014

#52 Ancestors -Week #3- Fredrick Jacobs

I am probably most excited about this ancestor. He was elusive for a very long time and part of "family folklore" but here goes.
Fredrick Jacobs, father, son, grandfather not so much.
Fredrick was born on 21 July 1894 to William and Nettie(might not be Nettie still searching there) Jacobs, in Manhattan, New York.  As far as I can tell he had one brother, William H. Jacobs. His father didn't live to be very old and died about 1912 at age 52. They lived in Manhattan until he was 16 (source 1900 & 1910 Us Census). In 1915 they moved to Brooklyn, NY where he enlisted in the Army in 1918. (sources 1915 NY Census & New York, Abstracts of World War I Military Service, 1917-1919 Record.) He was overseas for a few months and then was discharged in 1919. In 1920, he moved to Brooklyn, NY and he was 20 years old. In 1927 at the age of 33 he married Emma Folsche, b. 2 February 1905 in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  In 1928 they had their first son Frederick Jacobs (week #1 Ancestor). In 1930 they were still living in Brooklyn, NY(source: 1930 Census). In 1935 they had their second son Russell Jacobs and were living in Babylon, NY. (source: 1940 Census). They lived there in 1940 and in 1941 their third son Ernest R. Jacobs was born. Fredrick died on 10 Oct 1924 in Babylon, NY and is buried at the Long Island National Cemetery.
I do have pictures of Fred, lots of them thanks to a cousin. He had three boys, only one truly got to know him and his death caused not only pain for the grieving family but a lifetime of loss for so many. As the saying goes in our family, the men don't live long but the women live forever. I am hoping to obtain the death certificate soon to find the cause of death. All three of his sons are gone now. Their wives are still here, and all of them are sorely missed.

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